Hello. I pretty much just want to say that I love you so much for every gif you make of franklin and bash, they're so beautiful and I'm always so happy when they appear.

Thank you!

Franklin & Bash is a hard show to gif (Jared & Peter’s quickfire back & forth make it rough at times) and out of all the shows I gif it constantly doesn’t get nearly as many notes (average around 15 or so a set for F&B)….

But I love the show so much and can’t stop myself from giffing it and really appreciate the…..well, appreciation. :D

Peter: Molly invited me over for dinner tonight.
Jared: Hey, make sure you don’t arrive too early. Or finish your meal too quickly.
Dan: You’re gonna be having dinner. Am I right?

Connie: You two make a cute couple.
Peter: We would make good co-dads.
Jared: Eh, you’re too smothering.

Jared: This is Peter’s fault. You don’t know Peter, but it’s his fault.

Jared: Yeah. I’m sorry about that.

Wendy: Sirs, I’m gonna need you to settle down!
Jared: Sorry. I got it officer. Shh!