Jared: To Infeld.Peter: Daniels.Stanton: Franklin and Bash.

Jared: To Infeld.
Peter: Daniels.
Stanton: Franklin and Bash.

Ellen: You’re an idiot.
Jared: But an adorable one, right?
Ellen: No. Just an idiot.
Jared: I can’t.
Peter: I think you’re adorable.
Jared: Thanks, buddy. Right back at ya.

Peter: Hey. How’d you make out with Bob?

Peter: Best ill-fated love outlaw movie?
Jared: “True Romance.”
Peter: Slater. That’s strong, but it’s not as strong as “Heathers.”
Jared: That’s a good one.

Model: I am such a pain in the ass. Could I borrow one of you guys again for a private opinion in my dressing room?
Peter: I’m all yours.
Jared: I’m at your service.
Peter: Come on. I…
Jared: Just…

Model: Bra or no bra?
Jared: Are you talking to us?
Peter: And can you repeat it and say it slower?
Model: I’m on the fence about a bra with this dress.
Jared: And…and you want our…our…our advice?
Model: I want your queer eye. Here, take a pic. Use the flash. Tell me you can’t see my nipples.
Peter: Ooh. We’d be lying.
Jared: Tell you what. Let’s get a second opinion and use my phone.
Peter: Good idea. Stronger flash, yeah.
Tenley: You must be the lawyers.
Jared: There we go. Perfect.
Peter: Peter Bash, Jared Franklin.
Jared: Esquires. You don’t have to go.

Stanton: Or just refuse us service if you think we sully your establishment.
Dominic: I’m surprised it took you this long to take the hint. You son of a bitch!
Stanton: Message received.
Jared: Just so we’re clear, when we said “go to lunch to discuss our approach,” we didn’t mean decking the owner.

Peter: You been looking for a place to live, right?
Dan: Why?
Jared: Well, we got a room if you’re interested. It’s downstairs, right by…
Dan: The door to the beach. Thanks. I’ve been living here for a week now.
Jared: He’s gonna kill us.
Peter: I’m gonna lock my door.

Maura: Caliente.