Peter: Excuse me.
Cindy: Hmm?
Peter: Eyes are up here.
Cindy: Oh, right. Fair enough. Fair enough.

Peter: Okay. Ready.
Cindy: All right. You got it? Okay.
Peter: Yeah, I got it.
Cindy: Now, kick your left leg and hook it around the pole.
Peter: That is physically impo…

Peter: Want to hot tub?
Jared: No.
Peter: And would you stop asking my mom to hot tub?
Jared: No.

Jared: Now that that’s settled, seems like a shame to waste a perfectly good hot tub. Colleen?
Colleen: Oh, that’s…that’s sweet, Jared, but I don’t have my suit.
Peter: Don’t.

Colleen: So you’ll take the case?
Peter: Uh, we’ll discuss it.
Jared: We’ll take it.
Colleen: That’s wonderful.
Peter: I said we’ll discuss it.
Jared: Yeah, we discussed it. You said “we’ll discuss it,” I said “we’ll take it.”
Peter: As long as we discussed it.
Jared: Yeah.

Peter: Molly invited me over for dinner tonight.
Jared: Hey, make sure you don’t arrive too early. Or finish your meal too quickly.
Dan: You’re gonna be having dinner. Am I right?

Connie: You two make a cute couple.
Peter: We would make good co-dads.
Jared: Eh, you’re too smothering.

Jared: This is Peter’s fault. You don’t know Peter, but it’s his fault.